Black Pods Reviews

Black pods, the ideal headphone you’ll have right now in 2020. They got the ideal look with a sleek design fitting with your every outfit.

Simply insert them into your own ears, and they start working. Take pleasure in the music as much as you want and take them out and place them back in the case. They are convenient, sleek and advanced.

The black pods are all lovely and sleek, and the case resembles a dental floss container. It has three batteries in the case and one in every pod.

The pods are inexpensive but provide the ideal sound so that you enjoy each note and beat of your music. These are just like apple AirPods but not as costly.

Black Pods possess a battery life of 5 hours to audio and 3 hours to phone calls. The situation is used to charge the pods. The situation might be used multiple times to charge the pods.


Black pods have been wireless cans and are made from a matt plastic that gives it a glossy matt complete. The pods are created in such a way that they match perfectly in your ear. The plan is universal and can fit perfectly in a variety of ear.

Like atmosphere pods, it doesn’t offer sound cancellation, but it’s not less than atmosphere pods. You will hear just a little bit seem, but it won’t irritate you while listening to music and won’t ruin your experience.

Each pod has a stem to maintain the inner components, plus it provides stability and extra support.

Since they are wireless, they can be used independently. You may wear one pod or both pods while working or exercising at the gym.

They operate exactly like a normal headphone but are lasting and gives the ideal sound experience.

The sound quality it provides is still very good. Listening to music through them sounds very fine. The pods have a chip inside, which can interact with all Siri, without carrying your cell phone.

Charging Case
The case quality is very good, which makes it strong and durable. The battery in the case is quite long-lasting. It may give juice into the pods a while, which gives your 24-hour use. The situation can be billed with the iPhone charger that you already have.

An LED indicator in the case shows that the pods have been charged.

The situation has two applications. One thing you may use the case to control pods and alternative is you may store your pods within the case so that they don’t get misplaced.

The instance is compact, small and fits inside your pocket easily.

Battery lifetime
The components can endure five hours with one full charge. However, if you’re using it for a telephone call, they provide you with a backup of 3.
Together with the circumstance, you receive 24 hours of listening to songs and 18 hours of talk time. Fast control of 15 minutes gives you 3 hours of listening. But maybe not harmonious with iPhone 4.
They’re also compatible with iPads atmosphere, iPad miniature, iPad 5th creation, and all iPad Professional models.
It functions with all apple series views.
Black pods work flawlessly with iPod 6th generation. 4th generation apple television, and apple television 4k.
In addition, they utilize non-apple devices that have a standard Bluetooth connection.

As our staff analyzed the Black pods for three months in every manner and discovered that they’re the very best and lowest priced wireless headphones, you can purchase.

They function just like other normal headphones but with all the ideal audio sound and durability that is best. They’ve long battery life and therefore are compatible with virtually every Apple device and non-apple apparatus that has a standard Bluetooth connection.

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